Joseph Firbas is a Peruvian artist who has obtained several prizes in painting and drawing throughout his career.

The artist has participated in more than 100 collective exhibitions, national and international and was officially invited to the VII and IX International Biennial of Art in Valparaiso - Chile and to the II Annual Contemporary Exhibition at the Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art in the United States. 

His work has been displayed in important galleries and museums in Panama, Santo Domingo, United States, Chile, Peru, Puerto Rico, Canada and Germany.

Joseph knows how to work splendid textures, such as on the creation of spaces or on the definition of bodies- this is what gives warmth to his drawing.

He places the human face and the enigmas hided behind the sight as common features of his work. The face- always contemplating the spectator- symbolizes the "appearance" of the mental in a body, the expressiveness of spiritual life. They are not portraits but masks, idealization of the features. Anonymous characters of ambiguous sex.

Firbas concentrates on the representation of female figures of "classic beauty" that are living on sceneries appropriate for an enigmatic narration. His precise draw and a light – dark well managed remark the influence of The Renaissance Painting of painters such as Piero De La Francesca, Leonardo Da Vinci or Petrus Christus.

Joseph Firbas